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10 Horror Series That You Could Watch Whole Year Round

We know that horror movies are great, but remember that horror series are the best to binge-watch if you’re planning to watch a good scare this season. Who doesn’t love a good horror series that will keep us up all night and will give us goosebumps, right? So if you’re looking at what you could watch or even add to your horror binge-list, you’ve come to the right place cause we listed down horror series that surely you’ll love.


American Horror Story

This anthology horror show created by the one and only Ryan Murphy will surely give you a scare. From different stories were ghosts, apparitions, demons, cults, monsters, and many more that will give you goosebumps.


The Haunting Of Hill House

The haunting of the hill house is a miniseries that talks about the past and present hauntings in which a family who lives in the house faces the memories and terrifying events that happened in their family on the house in the past.


The Haunting Of Bly Manor

In this anthology of The Hunting Of The Hill House, Bly Manor is in different settings. A young girl arrives in bly manor not knowing what she will encounter while she stays there; hauntings and ghosts haunt the estate.


The Exorcist

In this show, three priests follow different cases of possessions where they only knew that it was just a possession; little did they know they were dealing with demons that lurk in the house of a family.


Midnight Mass

On an isolated island, there’s a hopeless community that suddenly experienced miraculous events when a young and mysterious priest arrived at their community. Then, mysterious and creepy events happen where they find the answer to why the things are happening.



Victoire Du Bois, a famous horror writer, goes back to her hometown for a change. But when she comes to her town, she feels that the eerie things started to happen, and the evil entity that haunts her dreams started to bring creepy things into real life.


Channel Zero

Children’s entertainment mostly is fun but change your perception on channel zero because there’s a dark story behind it. A psychologist started to research that, and he found out the dark and chilling secret of a kid’s entertainment called candle cove.


After 30 years of living peacefully in a community called Waterbury, a killer called “The Executioner” is back to bring fear to the town. The real killer in the past is in jail, and someone copied the killer’s identity, so they need to find out who he was to unravel the mystery.


Scream (TV Show)

A killer is on the loose, and it’s bringing fear and murdering everyone on Lakewood. Dark secrets come out, and it’s only a matter of time to know who will be the killer’s next victim.


Two Sentence Horror Story

In this show, you will see how the characters face different terrors and fears in creepy and chilling situations that will make you think.

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