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10 Salon Benefits? TRESemmé Gives the Absolute Haircare Needs

Closed salons and work from home should not stop us from our self-care routines. Especially giving the everyday needs of the hair. From humid to wet temperatures, these quick weather changes affect the hair in bad ways. Good thing. There is salon treatment shampoo available everywhere. From salon straight to your home, the new TRESemmé Keratin smooth gives the hair the care it needs.

Our days are mostly spent inside the house that we don’t usually care what we look like. We now pay less attention to the routines we usually back when we are obliged to prep ourselves to work. With everything done online, be work-from-home ready with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth.

TRESemmé continues to create new technology for every woman’s haircare daily needs. The new KERA10 Protein Complex goes deep to the roots down to each hair strand to give the 10 salon care benefits in just one wash.

You may be wondering what these 10-salon benefits are?

  1. Softens hair
  2. Shines
  3. Smoothens
  4. Manages frizz
  5. Detangles
  6. Strengthens
  7. Protects hair from humidity
  8. Tames flyaways
  9. Protects hair from heat
  10. It gives hair a long-lasting fragrance

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It will soften your hair, gives shine and smoothness. Dry and dull? The KERA10 Protein complex also takes away the frizz. You can do the finger comb without worrying about hair fall as it detangles and strengthens your hair from roots to scalp. It will also protect your hair from the changing weather conditions and, most of all, a whole day of long-lasting fragrance.

If used regularly, the KERA10 protein complex builds a protein bond on each strand, protecting your hair from future damage. What is better with these is it comes in an easy pump bottle to get the right amount of shampoo and conditioner that your hair needs.

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