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12 Horror Movies That Will Totally Give You Chills This Halloween

Every year we celebrate Halloween, and alongside that, we love to watch horror movies that will surely give us chills this season. Now, if you’re looking for movies to add to your list this Halloween, worry no more because we listed down scary movies from eerie, possessions, and many more, and we can vouch for that. Ready your popcorns cause these movies will scare you–swear! 


A Nightmare On Elm Street 

A young girl who experiences odd and scary things happening while she’s sleeping. In her dream, there’s a clawed killer who’s ready to butcher her loved ones, friends, and herself. The only thing that she can put a stop to it is to stay awake. 


The Taking Of Deborah Logan

Deborah Logan, a woman who has Alzheimer’s who lives in a secluded place along with her family. Mia and her classmates are researching for their thesis about Alzheimer’s; little did they know that they’re dealing with not just Alzheimer’s but also the devil who controls Deborah. 



In this digital age, a group of friends experienced a tragic event that led to one of their friend’s death. On the death anniversary of their friend, they planned a video chat with each other. While they’re on the chat, their deceased friend joins them, and that’s when the unruly events start to happen. 



Group of friends who decided to go to one of their friend’s ancestral commune in Sweden. Once they arrive there, they don’t know that it’s the midsummer festival where festivities happen. First, they thought it was fun, and they loved how the community celebrated such a festivity until they unraveled the community’s plan where dark and eerie things happened to them, one by one.  



A group of kids faced one of their biggest fear, Pennywise–the clown. While the clown continuously shapes-shifting to torment the children until he captures and eats them. 


House Of Witch

A group of teenagers looks for a place where they can throw a party on Halloween night. They stumbled upon an abandoned house perfect for their party, so they decided to use the house for their party. Little did they know that the house they found was a house of a witch, where they were killed one by one. 



A loner teenager finds a polaroid holding an evil and mysterious secret that leads to scary and creepy events. She then unraveled a tragic event in the past where she found out about death and the creepy things that caused the deaths. 


The Ritual

Four college pals reunite years after a tragic death happened to their friend. They decided to go on a hike in a mountain, and a wrong turn led them into a dark and evil force that haunts and scares them in every place they’ve been and gone in the forest. 


Paranormal Activity 1

A couple moves into their new suburban house. The house seems typical, and it feels home for the couple until something disturbed them. An evil spirit that’s always active at night and brings them into eerie events.


Fear Street (Trilogy)

In a place called Shadyside, there’s an urban legend that the place is cursed by a woman who has been hung to death because of being accused that she’s a witch. While in the present time, a group of teenagers unravels the mystery of why their place is cursed by the evil witch and what happened in the past. 


Our House

A kid who has a genius mind invents a device that amplifies another dimension, which causes supernatural things to happen to their home. After he invented the thing, he and his family started to experience mysterious and creepy things in their home. 



A single mother saw signs of demonic possession in her son, so she decided to call out for help to a man who is a scientist to get rid of the demon inside the boy’s head. Once the scientist gets in the boy’s head, he faces the ferocious and scary demon to help the child. 

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