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2 Hydrating Toners That Solve Common Skin Problems

If the term “toning” conjures up images of a workout, you’re missing out on some serious skincare benefits. Toners were once thought to dry out oily and acne-prone skin, but they have since evolved into an essential component of any effective skincare routine.

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What exactly are toners?

Toners are water-based liquids that contain beneficial ingredients that penetrate the skin quickly and deeply.

When do I need to use toners?

After cleansing, in the morning and/or at night. Toners have purifying properties and can clear your skin of any impurities that your cleanser may have missed. Furthermore, they will prepare your skin to absorb the subsequent skincare products, such as serums.

What exactly do toners do?

Basically, whatever you want them to do. While toners have universal benefits such as refreshing and clarifying skin, reducing the appearance of pores, and priming the face for the rest of your skincare routine, they also have specific benefits that target specific skin concerns.


2 Hydrating Toners That Solve Common Skin Problems


Rohto, Hada Labo, Gokujyun Hydrating Lotion, 5.7 fl oz (170 ml)

Hada Labo Toner is a gentle toner with hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant, for soft, smooth, hydrated skin. While both products are meant to provide moisture and hydration, in Japanese skincare, “lotion” refers to a product similar to a toner, whereas “milk” refers to a product more closely resembling a moisturizer.


Celeteque, Dermo Science Hydration Toner Alcohol-Free (65ml)

The toner has a watery texture. Watery toners should ideally be dispensed onto a cotton pad/ball and then applied to the face. I used to do this until I realized that the cotton ball absorbs a lot of product. This toner is suitable for people with oily skin, in my opinion. In fact, I recommend this toner to people of all skin types. It’s a basic watery toner that can be used both day and night. It is also free of alcohol. It does not tingle like most alcohol-based skincare products.

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