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3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Reusable Bamboo Pads

Staying consistent with your skincare routine has been made more possible now that you’re just at home. While we place importance on caring for our skin, hair and body, why not also place importance on doing that in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way? I listed down reasons why it is worth the switch!


1. You are significantly helping the environment


Disposable, single-use products contribute to unnecessary daily waste in the environment. And you don’t use just one cotton round to remove your makeup. You often use one cotton pad to remove your face makeup and then remove your eye makeup. This means that millions of cotton rounds are being thrown each year.


2. You get to save up


Reusable cotton pads are an investment. It may be expensive at first, but you will soon realize how much you can save because you can use this repeatedly and could last up for years.


3. It is better for your skin


Just like makeup wipes, did you know that cotton rounds are extremely bad for your skin? Cotton rounds can irritate your skin due to tugging, while reusable cotton pads are very delicate.


My Personal Favorite Reusable Cotton Pads

I have tried a couple of cotton pads in the market. But nothing beats this shop called @biancavictoriamanila. I use their reusable bamboo pads to take off my makeup and with my hydrating toner. The pads are extremely soft because they are made of 70% bamboo. They are also durable and washable so that they can be used up to 1000x.

The pads are also easy to wash and do not leave any makeup residue. I just let it air dry overnight, and they are good to go. I could say that these are so far the best reusable bamboo pads you can buy if you are willing to invest in a good reusable bamboo pads. Send them a DM through Instagram to order.

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