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4 Fun Styling Hacks to Layer Like a True Fashion Girl

We are living in a tropical country but I can see that a lot of people are into layerings and they all obviously rock them on. You don’t have to be so extravagant with this styling technique but going for minimal colors and prints will not make the whole outfit too eye-catching, take note of that.

So here are some easy tricks for an easy fashion layering!


Go for the Classic Sweater and Button-Down Polo

Photo credits Ralph Lauren

This one also goes down the boyish fashion. A style that is definitely found inside your closet, so no hassle for rookies who want to try layering. Just one of your classic button-down polos inside a sweater. If you don’t have a sweater, a hoodie will do.


Play with Scarfs

Photo credit @lornaluxe on instagram

Knitted scarfs or oversized scarfs can be used here. It gives the kdrama vibe that most people are addicted to. Any of your plain tops finished with any scarf will do the trick.


Turtlenecks and Dresses

Photo from pinterest

Now this one is a common trick. A plain top under any dress will also look good in this style. Thin spaghetti straps are a must-try!


A shirt, a trucker jacket, and a coat

Photo credits on

Seems heavy? This is what you call the real deal of the layered style. Put on a plain or printed shirt or top, add a trucker jacket, and finish the look with a trench coat.


You can start on the easy ones then go insane afterward. Once you get the hang of it, Layering might be your type of fashion.

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