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4 Things to List in Our Beauty Resolutions for 2022

While these New Year’s resolutions can be fun to make but difficult to keep, we’ve come up with four simple and easy changes you can make to your beauty routine to improve your skin, confidence, and the environment.


1. Maintain a consistent skincare routine.

You must approach beauty in the same way that you would approach exercise. Going to the gym for one intense sweat session with a personal trainer, for example, will not change your entire health and fitness, just as a facial or single use of a moisturizer will not change your skin forever. You must be consistent and develop a routine that you can follow.


2. As much as possible, make your entire beauty routine cruelty-free.

It’s time to start treating your skin right, including going beyond skincare and straight into your makeup routine. If you’re going vegan with your skincare, why not do the same with your makeup and make your entire beauty routine vegan and cruelty-free? It would be best if you chose eco-friendly makeup free of synthetic preservatives because makeup free of synthetics is the quickest way to save both your skin and the environment.


3. Clean your makeup brushes more often.

We know it’s one of those tasks you put off, but cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is critical. Why? It removes any bacteria that may be living inside the brushes and causing irritation to your skin. It extends the life of your brushes, allowing you to get more years out of them.
It actually improves the overall appearance of your makeup. Cleaner brushes imply a smoother application and a more professional finish to your makeup look.


4. Use SPF every single day. Even indoors.

If you haven’t been wearing SPF daily, this should be your 2022 resolution. It is critical to developing a daily habit of wearing SPF all year long, regardless of the weather or your skin color or tone. Using SPF daily helps prevent premature aging, skin pigmentation, premature wrinkles, and fine lines – and, most importantly, protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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