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5 DIY Projects to Keep You Busy While at Home

You’ve probably done a lot of projects for your house. It could be painting your wall with something creative, making organizers or cabinets for your stuff, or creating your bookshelf.

This pandemic has given us so much time to spend at home that we’re at a loss for what to do. We seem to have accomplished so much already that there is nothing else to do.

So, we listed some DIY projects that you probably haven’t done yet.



Replace those old and boring jars of yours with these yarn-wrapped jars. You don’t necessarily have to throw them away. You could reuse them and cover them with yarns. Doing this with empty bottles could be another way for you to have these creative and colorful jars.


Nothing is cozier than having your relaxing area. This DIY Project requires a space either from your front or backyard and some construction materials.

Gather your friends or family to sit there, feel the warmth from the fire, talk about life, and enjoy the scenery.


Are you tired of getting up from time to time to reach your glass? Or is there a time where something spilled on your couch because it couldn’t hold the thing you placed on it? If yes, then here’s what you can do– a wooden couch sleeve.


Post-it notes and important bills are very messy when stuck on the refrigerator. It makes your refrigerator looks crowded.  Why not try making something where you could stick your notes and pin your bills? Yes, wine cork board it is. This DIY project won’t just help you organize, but it will also display your house.


A lot of us have resorted to planting to ease the boredom and relieve the stress. To help you save up money from buying flower pots now and then, try this!

We may be stuck at home and wondering what to do next. So, why not try making your day productive?
Maximize your time at home and start doing these DIY projects!

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