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5 Easy Ways to Style Your Naturally Wavy and Curly

The curly girl method is just a part of the process towards a tamed curly mane. Yes, it does the major work. But girl, it doesn’t stop there. Aside from doing it on a regular basis, you should also learn how to style them up.

Do you know that satin pillowcases or satin caps protect your hair and prevent split ends? This helps reduce the breakage, thinning of hair strands, and tangles which are common for a woman who has curly hair. Also, having a satin pillowcase benefits your skin.

Here are 5 ways to style your beautiful curls. (one style a day!)

Top Knot

It is basically just a hair bun with a twist. Remember when we use socks to create buns? Top knots are different.  Small portions of the hair are in a knot on top of the head. They can be one or more depending on your choice. Check out Lizzo and her multiple top knots.


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Sleek Back Low Ponytail

Hair is tamed into a very low ponytail and let the curls be air-dried. You can use a mousse or hairspray as you comb down for a clean sleek look.

Space Bun

They tend to look a bit messy and the hair is hanging in front for a window effect.


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Check out these hair bun styles:

Clean Top Low Bun


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High Messy Bun


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