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5 Skin Types Every Man Has To Know #ManCare

Is your shirt on point, your shoes shining, and your hair sleek, but somehow your face is flaking, riddled in acne, or both? Even guys need to know their skin type! You can’t be carrying your Supreme shirt with your Calvin Klein bag and not have your face on point. Good skincare is good fashion. 
Skincare has carried a massive stigma on its back as being exclusive for women. This stereotype is profoundly untrue. Good skincare is the secret of the truly dashing. Now, we understand that skincare can be perceived as a confusing and arbitrary art of grooming for the uninformed observer.
At first glance, anyone can take a skincare product and dab it on their faces, and that’s it. The reality is not so simple. One has to understand which product to use on one’s skin type to execute a proper skincare routine.
Thankfully, we’re here to educate you on the delicate science of skincare so both your skin and your clothes can look fashionable.
If you’re a guy and you’re afraid of getting into skincare, don’t be! We have a few tips for you here!


The very first thing you have to know in this handsome science is your skin type. There are five different skin types. Each one should be approached differently. Accidentally using your friend’s coconut moisturizer when you have oily skin will give you terrifying breakouts. Trying to take care of your skin and having a daily skincare routine could make things worse if the method you follow isn’t the right one for your type of skin.




guy skincare oily skin



If your face is shinier than your shoes while being riddled by acne, then you probably have oily skin. Oily skin is usually characterized by an excessive amount of oil on the face, hence the term. People with oily faces also tend to get more acne as the oils get clogged on their usually gigantic pores.

guy dry skin type



If your face has more scales than your leather wallet, then you probably have dry skin. This skin type tends to lack the needed moisture-retaining properties a healthy face needs. They also produce much less oil. People with this skin type are prone to getting wrinkles and nasty scaly face dandruff. 

combination skin guy



This skin type is the most common. It is a mixture of oily and dry skin types. It’s like having old scaly leather shoes that didn’t quite get shined all over. This skin type varies between people. Some get more oils and dryness on different parts of their skin. Some are more oily on the T-Zone, some on the cheeks, and sometimes on uneven small patches along the face.

normal skin type guy skincare



This is the skin type every other skin type wishes they were born with. People with a “normal” skin type are not so “normal” since it isn’t the most common skin type, but it is the kind of skin most people aspire to have. It’s not too oily and not too dry. It looks like your skin when you just had a proper face wash. This doesn’t mean people with standard skin types are perfect, though. They are very prone to dryness and having too much oil if the skin isn’t given the proper treatment.

sensitive skin guy skincare



This is probably the rarest skin type and not exclusive to itself. This skin type can go along with oily, dry, and combination skin types. Having sensitive skin simply means, well… your face is sensitive and prone to facial diseases and symptoms. If your face isn’t treated correctly, you can have redness, scales, and breakouts all at the same time. 
Now you have to know how to pick out the right products and ingredients for your skin, and you will be handsome and dashing both in style and face.

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