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5 Tricks To Get the Greatest Deals When Shopping Online

Today almost everything is done online, from work to school to, of course, SHOPPING! Shopee is a platform that has almost everything you need from every price range you can afford.

Do you want to get the most bang for your buck? Here are 5 tricks to get the greatest deals shopping online. 


3. Add to cart before the sale


Now, we all know shop have some crazy sales and deals, from the monthly 3:3 and 4:4, shopee also has crazy flash deals that have countdowns. The items in this sale are always sold out within seconds so add it to your cart so checkout will be faster.

Extra tip: If you really want that item, have set a reminder a minute earlier and wait with the countdown so that item will be surely yours.


3. Activate and use your in-app wallet


In-app wallets will give you more possible vouchers for free shipping and cash back!

The idea of putting your money in an in-app wallet may feel a little uncomfortable but if you’re gonna spend your money anyway, do it in a way that will give you more benefits.


3. Buy from the same seller


This one might be a little obvious, but It’s so important to buy from the same seller. Hitting that minimum account will give you free shipping and vouchers from 5% off and above.

Being loyal to a seller can also ensure that the products they have areare good quality and maybe maybe you can have that extra discount. 


4. Shopee Livestream


This is a newer thing in shopee, and if you really want to save,, this is the place to go. They have extra bundles, vouchers, and deals. There are live streams that are betting systems or auctions; here you might be able to buy items for half the price. Don’t hesitate and type “MINE” to get the item you want.


5. Browse the app for vouchers and discount


The app offers vouchers from time to time, from free shipping to coins and ShopBack just brows, and you surely will come across one or two.

Extra tip: Earning coins will save you money for your next purchase,, so play the games, shake your phone and rate the items you have purchased in the past.

Extra tip #2: A feature from shopee mobile app is you can actually take a picture or upload one,, and shopee will give you a feed of the same or similar items!


What are you waiting for? Add-to-cart now and happy shopping. 


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