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6 Best Footwear You Can Use for Every Occassion

Some say you can never have too much footwear in your wardrobe. But when it comes to finding the perfect footwear for your outfit, it can be hard though, so having a bunch of footwear in your wardrobe is a good choice. We can’t deny that it can become a staple in our closet. Either it’s a sneaker, stilettos, or even boots.

We know that stylish footwear is a must if you opt for an outfit, and remember always to match it with your style. So if you’re looking for footwear that you can wear on every occasion, you’re in the right place! Cause we listed down footwear, you can add or even you have in your wardrobe. 



Stilettos are one of the best to opt for when it comes to power dressing. You can wear it in the office or even at an elegant event. Don’t forget to match it with the perfect outfit. 


Ankle Boots 

Deemed as one of the most comfortable boots, Ankle boots are to opt for when you love wearing boots. This pair is an easy yet stylish choice at the same time. You can wear it along with denim and of course trousers. 


Knee High Boots

Stock up with a nice yet stylish pair of knee-high boots. Let’s admit that knee-high boots are chic, and we can’t get over them. Plus, you can wear it any occasion, so don’t forget to opt for knee-high boots on your next OOTD. 



In this new day and age, sneakers are winning the footwear game, and we love it. If you’re planning for a comfortable yet stylish OOTD, sneakers are one of the best to opt for. 



Sandals are slowly ushering the footwear scene, ever since we lean on cozy outfits. Sandals are the best choice when you’re planning for a fuss-free ‘fit and stylish. 


Platform Boots

What’s all the fuzz about? Platform boots are here, and yes, we’re in for it. If you’re planning for cute yet classic footwear that you can wear on different occasions, platform boots have your back. 

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