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6 Times Harry Styles Show Us His Unique Taste In Fashion

Harry Styles always gives that aesthetic fashion and I am not complaining! His styles are what make him unique. He doesn’t settle in the normal way but instead, he expresses his fashion by experimenting with a touch of surprise to everyone.



Fans are definitely surprised after seeing this look of Harry at the Met Gala 2019. All his tattoos are shown plus a pearl earring hanging. No wonder he’s the most styled men out there. I think this is the most “Harry Style” look that he ever has worn. It is a gender-fluid outfit in a sheer black top completed with heeled boots.


A colorful patchwork cardigan partnered with pearl accessory by his neck. Harry and this cardigan inspired lots in doing crochet.


The star wearing a whole galaxy. It’s the half-buttoned black top inside the glittering suit showing some of his tattoos and a necklace with a cross pendant that made his fans went wild. Just enough glitz to emphasize his looks on the stage. (I super love this one.)


Brown striped shirt inside and green jacket with corduroy pants. Do you see the pearls hanging on his neck and his red polished nail? This style secured Harry as the best-dressed male of 2020.


While holding the LGBT flag (Harry said lesbian and gay rights!), he performs his perfect setlist at the Greek Theatre in LA while wearing this floral terno with a bow shirt inside. Obviously, Harry is sent by the Greek Gods to us.


A half body black suit with gold embroidery and perfectly tailored pants with gold lining on the side. He does look like a Victorian royalty performing in front of his kingdom. He sure has a pair of stunning suits.
This set just proved why many fashion designers love working with him. Harry never goes basic; he sure has an artist’s mind while having some fun.

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