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90’s Grunge Is Back and It’s Definitely a Style to Grab

90’s fashion cannot be summarized, but one of the best trends it gave was the 90’s grunge, and now it’s back! With band T-shirts, flannels, and combat shoes, 90’s grunge tends to feel laid back and comfortable, that’s why it’s a style that everyone can wear

90’s grunge is definitely back, and it’s a style you should definitely grab. Don’t know where to start? Here are grunge essentials you need:

1. Band T-shirts to represent your favorite bands that helped you through that emo phase like MCR and Mayday Parade

2. Flannel to layer or even tie around your waist, don’t be afraid to layer.

3. Jeans that are either ripped or baggy to embrace that laid-back silhouette.

4. Boots or canvas shoes that never go out of style, don’t worry if it’s a little dirty that’s part of it.

5.  Accessorize with chains, funky socks, and pretty much whatever you like. That’s the beauty of grunge, don’t be afraid that things clash at the end of the day it’s what makes you feel good.

Your favorite celebrities are embracing 90’s grunge too.

With Miley Cyrus just casually wearing, not even trying but looking so good. With a simple black top, denim shorts, a flannel on her waist, gold chains, and combat boots, it’s a style to copy while singing and feeling the feels of her song heart of glass.

Source: Hairstyles Weekly


Another celebrity rocking this style is none other than Mileys’ sister Noah Cyrus. With her layered look, gold chains, and a beanie, it’s effortlessly good.


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Want to try the grunge style but feel like it’s out of your budget? A quick tip is thrift stores or ukay-ukay, it offers a lot of vintage stuff that totally fits the grunge aesthetic.



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