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ABS-CBN Shutdown And What This Means For All Of Us

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news. It’s all over the place. The biggest media network in the country has just been given a cease and desist order by the NTC. We could argue about ABS-CBN’s law violations but that’s not the point right now. This isn’t about your favorite show or your 3 o’clock prayers. The point is we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Millions of people are starving and struggling. Employees are getting pay cuts and many are losing their jobs.
The order to shutdown this media giant just added around 11,000 more people to our unemployment rate. 11,000 more people just lost their jobs in the middle of this global crisis. If this does not make you outraged, I have no idea where your heart is. This has got to be the worst timing for the NTC to execute this shutdown order. Whether or not ABS-CBN has any law violations, people in power are expected to look at the bigger picture and offer help in times of crisis, not cause more problems.
This is not only a problem for those 11,000 unemployed ABS-CBN workers. This is also a huge attack on press freedom and freedom of speech in general. Whether or not there are any evident violations on ABS-CBN’s part, it doesn’t have to result in a total shutdown of the network. Appropriate penalties for violations, not death.
ABS-CBN has always been at odds with our President. This could have been staged. But whether or not it was, this is a clear violation of our freedom of speech. If you have the ability to do so, please speak up. Senators, politicians, celebrities, and many other people in power are using their voices. Let them know that this oppression of our freedom will not be tolerated.
If our government can shut down the biggest media company in our country, what makes you think they will be unable to shut down your own voice?

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