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Are You Using the Right Moisturizer? Find Out Here

Finding the right moisturizer depending on your skin type is critical. Whether you have dry skin, oily, or combination skin, key ingredients are a must. But how do you get something that’s “Just right?”

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Sometimes, you might just be tempted to get either the affordable ones in the drugstore or cop the high-dollar name brands from Sephora. Well, expensive doesn’t mean good, and quality does not need to break the bank. Find out more as we talk about how to know the right moisturizer for you.


For Dry Skin

You know what they say, having dry skin is much worse than having oily skin. If you’re getting dry spots and patches around your mouth after you did your foundation, you need to up your game. Especially in the cold season, you need something heavy and locks the moisture on your skin. Key ingredients: Ceramides.


For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, one thing that you might want to avoid is oil-based moisturizers. Remember that moisturizers should keep you hydrated without looking like a greasy pan. If you notice that you look shiny after you moisturize, skip oil-based formulas and get oil-free or water-based moisturizers. A hydrating but matte consistency can help, too. Key ingredients: Glycerin and Niacinamide.


Combination Skin

Basically, the combination skin type is characterized by dry, flaking skin on some parts, while excessive oil and shine appear on other face areas. People with combination skin have a constant battle with their T-zone. That is why gel-type moisturizers are perfect for this skin type. Look for a hydrating formula for dry areas and non-comedogenic formula only for your oily spots. Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides, Squalane.

Now that you got the right moisturizer for your skin type lock in everything with your favorite sunscreen.

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