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Beaded Necklaces Are Back and You Will Wish to Have One

If you’re a kid from the ’00s, you might be surprised that these handmade charm necklaces you used to love are cool again. We’re talking about beaded necklaces. From colorful pearls, playful plastic beads to quirky charms, these necklaces have also been upgraded.

From just a stylish accessory to an eyeglass holder and phone strap, beaded accessories are out there ready for you to have one!  



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We are all obsessed with animal beaded earrings! This small beaded jewelry shop specializes in different colors of seed beads, letter beads, and simple charms. They are totally creative and unique as they make every product tailored for every customer at an affordable price.



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Have you ever heard of a beaded eyeglass holder? Yes, they exist! makes beaded necklaces to hold eyeglasses and can be used as a mask lanyard. Perfect when going out!



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Are you scared to get your phone stolen or want just a little something on your boring phone case? @fetch_beads got you! This shop is known to make phone straps using colorful beads. They can also have your name written using their letter beads to make it personalized. I want one!

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