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Beauty Week: These Celebrities That Never Failed to “Wow” Us With Their Visuals

There are days where we want to feel that beauty and prep up ourselves up even though we have no plans on going outside. From hair to the outfit that we will be wearing as if we have a lunch date. But the truth is we’re just binge-watching another series on the couch.

Janella, Maureen, Barbie, Ella, and Kyline never failed us with their visuals. From bare face look, soft glam, and well-thought outfits, they slayed this week, and the gram is witness.


Janella Salvador


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A post shared by Janella Salvador (@superjanella)

Her caption says, “What are the things that make you feel good as a woman?” and for her, it’s a good shade of red lipstick. Aren’t we all related to that whenever we use our lipsticks, even though we use them under our masks? Lipsticks are a must.


Barbie Forteza


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A post shared by Barbie Forteza (@barbaraforteza)

Barbie always carries that fresh-looking aura with her. Although we usually see her with a no-makeup makeup look and soft glam, she says yes to red lipsticks too.


Kyline Alcantara

The clean and sleek look suits her well. With the eyeglass she is wearing, Kyline looked like that approachable campus girl crush who excels in many subjects. (Yeah, I think I had enough of Wattpad today.)


Maureen Wroblwitz


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A post shared by Maureen Wrob (@mauwrob)

I really envy these people who look too good even though they are bare-faced. Makeup makes Maureen’s face features look strong, but without it, her face looks soft.


Ella Cruz


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A post shared by 𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊 🪐 (@ellacruz)

Ella’s look and personality are bubbly and sweet that suits her most. But when she goes to the stage, she turns into a dancing machine. ICYDK, Ella Cruz has been lately drawn to crystals as part of her exercise and meditation.

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