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Best Indoor Plants to Add Accent to Your Home

Let’s face it, during this pandemic. We did some things that we didn’t realize we would do. One of which is planting. Most of us became a plantita and plantito. People felt that somehow, in some way, growing plants is an escape from the negativity surrounding us now.

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So, if ever you’re searching for plants that you can plant for the nth time, or planning on resorting to planting for the first time, here are some of the plants that you can grow indoors.



If you’re too busy in life but still want something green inside your house, succulents are the best choice. This plant doesn’t require much of your attention. Due to their special ability to retain water, they tend to thrive in warm, dry climates. However, that doesn’t mean that you can neglect it for a long time.


Now, we all are familiar with this one. This plant is best for newbies since it’s not that hard to take care of. It can survive any light level. Snake plants also emit oxygen at night that helps you sleep better.


Don’t worry, this plant isn’t literally a rubber which makes it artificial. Its beautiful shiny oval-shaped leaves are what make it perfect for indoors. Its appearance brings brightness to the room.
Rubber plants aren’t the same with the two mentioned above; it requires attention and detailed caring.


This plant is best to put somewhere hanging with enough light. Its ability to grow long stems will make them a perfect fit for indoor hanging plants or anywhere that’s placed up high. However, be mindful of pruning or cutting it once in a while because it has a tendency to grow longer, which does not make it appealing when it’s placed inside.

Try to start planting now. It can help you get rid of those stressful things.

“Plants instantly attract the eye, calm the soul, and bring peacefulness to any room” – Petria.

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