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Bleaching Blues: Achieve Healthy Locks With These Haircare Tips

Bleaching has been a trend for ages. Especially to hair coloring addicts, a bleached hair is must-have. Imagine how you can add life to your hair with whatever color you want! Completing the colors of the rainbow, doing some balayage, or just leaving it as white as snow.

However, achieving the granny white looking hair may seem really cool on the outside but by doing this, you are allowing lots of damage to enter your scalp and hair. Removing your hair’s natural color by putting hydrogen peroxide legit washes off the natural nourishment of your hair. Thus, it gives you a very dry and frizzy hair and some cases, massive hair loss.

Here’s a rundown of things you should do to regain back your crowning glory.


You might want to check the nearest salon. Hair salons have treatments to cure your damaged locks. Unfortunately, most of them don’t have specific treatments for what your hair needs. The most help they can do is the keratin treatment, which lasts for 2 months depending on how you wash your hair.


I personally use this method. Putting mayonnaise gives my hair a healthier look. It has amino acids and oil that the hair needs for repairing the damage. Just spread the mayonnaise from the scalp down to its ends. Massage the scalp gently then cover it with a shower cap or any plastic. Let it stay for an hour then rinse with warm water.


The egg is known for its repairing abilities. The egg yolk has lots of protein that your bleached hair needs the most. By mixing your shampoo and egg it can deeply moisturize the hair. Do this daily for better results. But have you tried using the egg white as a face mask?


So maybe it is time for a change. Let your hair grow and cut it until where the bleached part of your hair starts. It may result in a very short pixie or boy cut. You just ended your dilemma and also have a new haircut you might love.

Bleaching your hair is your style, but taking care of it is your responsibility.

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