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Breaking Kbeauty Standards With Some Jessi Bad B Moments

Koreans have a particular standard when it comes to beauty. White, fair complexion, no blemishes in the face, long body proportions, thin hourglass body, and a long list of ideals for men and women. That is why most Kpop idols exert extra efforts to meet these standards—and that’s just one of the things that made their industry feel like a prison.

That is why thanks to the more and more Kpop idols that are breaking the norms of beauty. We can drop names of personalities who break these toxic beauty standards, but today we will be talking about the famous singer and host for her chaotic good character.



If you are into Kpop and you don’t know her, then you are missing out. Even your K-pop idols look up and fangirling over her. From P Nation and known for her musicality, Jessi was also famous for clever antics when she was a guest cast Running Man, a stay in the host of Sixth Sense, and her talk show Jessi Showterview.

Above all, she is just your strong and independent hot 누나 (noona) who stays unbothered. From her lifestyle to fashion, we picked some of her bad b moments straight from her Instagram.


Red dress and black hair is definitely her color. This photo radiates “Woman” energy. From the body-hugging red dress and sleek pony hairstyle, everything looks fancy.


Another red and black combination from Jessi left knetz and international fans in awe.


I guess we’re all suckers for short hair, Jessi?


While we are so used to seeing her strong radiating energy, these sets of photos from her Instagram account made us realize that she can go both ways or many ways. Jessi can look like she’ll kill you just from her stares to being the sweetest woman you will ever see.

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