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Brytehall’s Development: Supported By Venture Capital Firms

Brytehall is a curated digital concept marketplace that blends simplicity and sophistication. Brytehall will host a refined selection of art, fashion, and design concepts and NFTs for collectors in the lifestyle, fashion, and crypto worlds, and will be founded by Media Publishares, the publishers of Vogue Singapore, Buro., Esquire, Luxury Guide, and Robb Report, in partnership with VIDY and Binance.


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 Backing-up and supporting Brytehall to its way to development are forward-looking venture capitalist firms (VCs), which includes the following:

Rainbow Group is a pioneering luxury retail operator in China. Over 150 distribution sites have been established in mainland China by the company. Versace, Jimmy Choo, Off-White, and Dsquared2 are among the worldwide labels it has collaborated with, including Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss.

Named after its founder Aries Wang, who also co-founded Bibox, Aries labs is also one of the VCs behind Brytehall and one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms.

Another one from the list is Crasolum Ventures. Crasolum Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated solely to the advancement of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Alethea AI, Star Atlas, and Auroboros are just a few of the paradigm-shifting ventures it has worked on.

Lastly, supporting Brytehall to its way to development is CDI. It is a blockchain and cryptocurrency venture capital firm formed by industry veterans. CDI aims to set an example for fashion displays and engagements through its investment in Brytehall.

Last August 25th,  the Vogue Singapore Mystery Box was auctioned and sold overnight, making it one of the most successful launches on Binance NFT.   On September 20th, the Vogue Singapore September NFT collection will be auctioned, which includes two digital-only covers and 11 fashion, beauty, and design NFTs, including a collaboration with the French luxury fashion company Balmain.


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