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Dare to Watch These 16 Psychological and Thriller Classic Films

Jumping in a horror movie in a scary scene is one thing, but there is a lot about the psychological thrill, completely different. Yes, jumpscares are exciting, but a good psychological thriller is satisfying.

Ready your notes as I list down my personal favorite psychological thriller at all times.


Get Out (2017)

If you’re into sitcoms, you might know the comedian and director, Jordan Peele. Surprisingly, Peele makes equally stirring films full of unexpected plot lines and untrustworthy characters. Get Out is one of them. A couple takes a weekend vacation. While the guy’s purpose is to get to know her parents, he finds himself in more bizarre and unsettling situations.


Forgotten (2017)

Korea is known for producing horrifying movies. But did you know they make great psychological thrillers as well? This movie will make you question everything throughout the entire film. Jin-Seok pursues the truth behind his abducted brother’s unusual kidnapping. When he returns, seemingly a different man with no memory of the previous 19 days.


Time Lapse (2014)

Now, this is why you’re not supposed to move in with your boyfriend’s best friend. Three buddies discovered a time machine that allows them to see pictures from the future. Disturbing and deadly photographs emerge after they use the device for personal benefit.


Black Swan (2010)

Do you consider yourself highly competitive? Think again. A ballet dancer is obsessed with getting the lead role in the new production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. While competing, the girl increasingly loses her sense of reality and resorts to radical means.

The Memoir Of A Murderer (2017)

Another Korean psychological thriller that tackles the shocking past of a loving father. For him, he has one goal: protect his beloved daughter from her psychotic boyfriend. But what if he has Alzheimer’s disease?


Gone Girl (2014)

A timeless classic. This is why you shouldn’t trust the cool girl type. A wife goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. The husband is first and foremost a crime suspect. But did he kill his wife? The stunning reality is revealed by a number of twists and turns—and definitely not what you expect.


Shutter Island (2010)

Who doesn’t know about this film? Probably the most disquieting ending you will ever see. Two US Marshals investigate the disappearance of a woman who escaped from a mental hospital. Ultimately, the shocking truth behind it will uncover.


Us (2019)

Another Jordan Peele masterpiece and a personal favorite. Unidentified red-clad figures ambush a family. Closer scrutiny reveals that the intruders are identical replicas of them.


The Invisible Guest (2016)

A movie that will prove to you that you can’t hide forever. A businessman wakes up next to his dead lover’s body in a locked hotel room. He hires a prominent lawyer to defend him, and they work together over the course of one night to figure out what happened.


Split (2016) 

Remember when your girl says she has multiple personalities? Well, this guy took it literally. Unlike other films mentioned, this film won’t give you an intense twist at the end. But in the middle. Kevin, a man with 23 alter personalities and suffering from dissociative identity disorder, kidnaps three teenagers. Before he releases his 24th identity, they must figure out his amiable personas.


Ghajini (2008)

This Bollywood film is a remake of the movie Memento (2000). A tycoon with severe short-term memory loss can’t remember anything for more than fifteen minutes. He sets out to find his lover’s killer, armed with a collection of polaroids and tattoos.


Fractured (2019)

A father believes the hospital is concealing something after his wife and injured daughter vanish from the emergency room.


Adrift (2018) 

Who says a love story cannot be psychologically thrilling? After sailing through a Category 4 hurricane, a couple faces the unthinkable when they become stranded in the Pacific Ocean. Prepare to cry and be shocked at the same time.


Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

For a live broadcast, the crew of a horror web series ventures to an abandoned asylum. As it progresses farther inside the terrifying old structure, it encounters far more than it anticipated.


Joker (2019)

This is why you should never bully someone—a psychotic film portrayed by the great Joaquin Phoenix. In an increasingly dismal and dark Gotham City, a failed comedian yearns for positivity. Arthur, who suffers from mental illness, develops into a criminal figure known as the Joker due to different previous and present experiences of abuse and exploitation. Why so serious?


Searching (2018)

To locate his missing daughter, a father files a police report. When he checks her laptop, though, a stream of hidden truths emerges.

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