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The Embellished Life

Bianca Umali

When I first thought of reimagining style icon and former first lady Imelda Marcos on the cover, I have to be honest: I got mixed reviews about it. Some people thought it was a huge risk; the idea of romanticizing excess, they warned, may offend readers. Others thought it was a bold move whose time had come.

In the end, I went with my gut. Reviewing what Stail.PH is all about, I remembered what our goal was when we released our first issue: to serve you, dear readers, with a different perspective of fashion and lifestyle, and to create only the most beautiful things that matter.

I believe that any new thing is going to feel a little strange, weird, and uncomfortable, like putting on a pair of brand-new shoes for the very first time. It is not the most comfortable feeling, but girl, you know you look snatched. But that’s beside the point. I believe that this is the future, that we are the future.

This issue is a reimagining of all things Imelda—her love for beauty and eye for fashion. Sure, you can say a bunch of things about her but you can’t deny her impeccable taste in style. Yes, IMPECCABLE—from the Latin word impeccabilis, meaning “not” (in) and “to sin” (peccare). ‘Cause I believe that her love for beauty is as pure as her innate sense of style.

We want to imagine ourselves as beautiful people. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful, it’s a natural thing. What is wrong is obsessing over wanting to be who we are not and who we can never be.

This is the Embellished Life. An Icon Reimagined.



“Being morena, for me, is what makes me different from the others.”

Bianca Umali

On Bianca: Red gown beaded for the gods (price upon request) by Louis Pangilinan(tel. no. 09086157965). Golden South Sea pearls jewelry by Jewelmer C’est La Vie Ring and La Mer En Majeste Earrings (price available upon request; physical stores: Shoes by Coco x Fifi(Instagram: @cocoxfifi; physical stores: Hair by Rudolf Davalos (tel. no. 09054161521; Instagram: @rudolfdavalos). Makeup by Bianca D. Umali (tel. no. 09179575579; Instagram: @biancalouiseumali). Shot at Herald Suites (

On Bianca: Silk top and scarlet red serpentine skirt (price upon request) by Anthony Ramirez (tel. no. 09985528358). Whimsical pearl jewelry owned by stylist Nicole Saludar. Hair by Rudolf Davalos (tel. no. 09054161521; Instagram: @rudolfdavalos). Makeup by Bianca D. Umali (tel. no. 09179575579; Instagram: @biancalouiseumali). Shot at Herald Suites (

“When you love yourself, other people will love you more.”

Bianca Umali


Beauty and Lifestyle Editor: Edlaine “Mintzy” Flor. Copy Editor: Joy Rojas. Art Director: Van Bax. Multimedia Artist: Noel Wilson. Video Producer: Joseph Cruz. Sales Manager: Vin Emocling. Web Developer: Andrea Dominique Dawal and Donald Valdez. Photographer: Charlie Rodulfo. “Iron Butterfly” and “Imeldific” Designer: Louis Pangilinan. “Pearl Of The Orient” Designer: Anthony Ramirez. Stylist: Nicole Saludar. Hair Stylist: Rudolf Davalos. Makeup Artist: Bianca D. Umali. Accessories: Jewelmer. Shoes: Coco x Fifi.
Food: Coca Café. Set Location: Herald Suites.
Special thanks to GMA Artist Center.