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Barbie Forteza

The mastery of emotions can be a laborious quest for self-awareness. Admit it. We’ve all had experiences where our emotions got the best of us. So many circumstances have gone unnoticed where we have seen ourselves go too far down the “emotional ladder”. Learning to manage your emotions requires a conscious effort from within.

A STAIL Icon knows herself and uses her feelings and emotions to her advantage. For the month of March, STAIL.PH celebrates the beauty of being a WOMAN. She celebrates the journey of using and mastering her own emotions so she can empower herself and others too. She believes she can create and choose her own emotions, lets them be as they are and owns them. Once she owns her emotions, she gets control over them and eventually, her own life.

With Barbie Forteza on the cover of this month’s issue, get excited and appreciate your emotions. Learn how to become a more emotionally genuine person by laying down your emotions and letting yourself feel them so you can foster self-trust and confidence in handling them. At the end of the day, it’s either you control your emotions, or they control you.




As much as emotions are a natural part of being human, women have always been described as the ones who feel them the most. Often times our emotions are dictated by external forces – may this be your expectations on other people or their expectations on you. If emotions are colors, you are a canvas. A canvas that can be painted openly by the public, controlled by your emotions, and reliant on other people.

Your life is your own canvas. Oftentimes, people tend to dictate what you should feel and how you should feel. Women out there sometimes see people as crayons carrying the right to draw their own lives. Girl, if there’s one thing you should remember, that would be about being the girl boss of your own amazing canvas. You paint your own life with amazing experiences, several colorful mistakes, and brighter shades of achievements.

On Barbie Forteza: Bold White Power Suit On Translucent Shirt by IA COCA (Instagram: @ia.coca). Hair by Francis Guintu (Contact no. +63917 112 1059 | Email: | Instagram: @francisguintu). Makeup by Rick Calderon (Contact no. +63917 315 4808 | Email: | Instagram: @rickmcalder

“Kahit artista ako, totoo naman ako. Hindi naman ako yung dahil artista lang, plastik, or masyado nang nakain ng sistema. Na o pag artista ka, dapat ganito yung ugali mo, dapat ganito ka magsalita, dapat prim and proper ka.”


On Barbie Forteza: Pleated Halter Dress by IA COCA (Instagram: @ia.coca). Hair by Francis Guintu (Contact no. +63917 112 1059 | Email: | Instagram: @francisguintu). Makeup by Rick Calderon (Contact no. +63917 315 4808 | Email: | Instagram: @rickmcalderon).

the painter

You are the artist of your own canvas so paint it as you see fit. Make it a masterpiece. According to Anna Taylor, “Nobody else gets to live your life. You are the artist. Paint your picture. Dream your own masterpiece into being.” If you’re creating your own picture, then you might as well give it all you’ve got. Go for maximum effort, do your best in every pursuit. Mix the colors and experiment boldly.

It is true that other people do hold sway in what they feel, yet they are not the ones who decide everything in the end. It is true that you can be a canvas painted by the hands of other people with feelings. But by mastering your emotions, you can take the brush and be the painter of yourself. You will always feel what you feel, but these do not dictate your actions. You are the master of your fate and the painter of your own canvas.


Photographer: Charles Rodulfo. Video Producer: Vincent Sy. Assistant Video Producer: Gabe Gavina. Web Developer: Andrea Dominique Dawal and Donald Valdez. Designer: Ia Coca. Stylist: Jasmine Gagarin. Hair Stylist: Rick Calderon. Makeup Artist: Francis Guintu. Accessories: Stylist’s Closet. Food: Master Buffalo. Special Thanks To Barbie Forteza and GMA Artist Center.