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Bretman Rock

This year has brought about seismic events that left us stunned in so many unprecedented levels. With a hurdle after another, Filipinos have learned to break others’ standards of resiliency.

For the month of November, STAIL.PH goes unparalleled, sheers away from the usual, and embraces diversity and individuality as Bretman Rock becomes the first ever Filipino male to grace the cover. The Hawaii-Based Filipino Internet Star and STAIL Icon is proud of his roots and opens up about his life as part of the LGBT community. Watch him break the standards of beauty and at the same time, talk about his first love and first heartbreak.

This is the BADDEST issue.




STAIL Philippines's first male Icon, Bretman Rock, is a firm believer in the right time and the right opportunity. Like many other queer kids who grew up in the Philippines, Bretman was also introduced to the harsh reality of the Philippine society toward the LGBTQIA+ community. But he is rewriting this narrative.

He stands as a beacon of hope and an example that we can be who we want to be regardless of the society that we live in.

This month, Bretman reaches out to those that struggle. If you're struggling to come out, move on from a heartbreak, or find your identity, this one is for you.

On Bretman Rock: Shirred Acid Green and Fuchsia Pink Set with Terno-Inspired Puff Sleeve Jacket by Ia Coca (Contact no. +639291229616 | Email: | Instagram: @ia.coca). | Sunglasses by Sunnies Studios (Instagram: @sunniesstudios). | HMUA by Artist.

“I’m so much more than my sexuality. My whole thing is just F gender. Fuck gender, fuck gender norms! There’s no such thing to me as pretty. There’s no such thing to me as being handsome. Bitch, I’m both. Period! You can be anything or anything you want.”

Bretman Rock


Photographer: Charles Rodulfo. Video Producer: Vincent Sy and Gabe Gavina. Web Developer: Donald Valdez. Designer: IA Coca. Stylist: Jasmine Gagarin. Assisted by: Alliah Delgado. Final Artist: Louie Romantico. Hair and Makeup by Artist.
Special Thanks To Dru Sansenbach and Paul Samaha.