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Downsize and Save Your Loose Jeans With These 3 Methods

Are you fed up with trying to find pants that fit your petite figure? Or perhaps you want to reduce the size of the jeans you already own or have purchased? Putting on a belt is good, but sometimes it is not comfortable and enough.

Worry no more because here are three ways to downsize your jeans to make them fit properly.


The easiest way to alter your jeans is this. You’ll need your sewing kit for this, a safety pin, and of course, the elastic garter (make sure the size is a little smaller than the height of your waistband). This will result in an elastic waistband that will allow you to wear it even you lose or gain weight.

For a detailed process, watch this video.



You’ll need a sewing machine for better results in this method, but you can hand sew it as long as it won’t fray. This might be a lot of work but trust the process. The results will be amazing.

For a detailed process, watch this video.



Sewing and cutting off extra fabric will be done for this project. For best results, use a sewing machine, but you may also hand sew them as long as the material doesn’t fray and the threads don’t come undone. Depending on your precision, this will take a long time. Also, try it on before cutting off the excess fabric and stitching to see whether it still fits you since you could cut too much, which we don’t want to do.

For a detailed process, watch this video.


Don’t throw away those loose pants if they’re still in decent shape. Alter or downsize them instead.

“The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe.”  –Orsola de Castro.

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