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Dry Shampoos That Will Save You Hours of Styling

Every day, especially when the heat and humidity are at their worst, it’s common to take a full-fledged shower. While we are all about cleanliness, a daily head-to-toe bath (or even twice a day for many of us) may not be the best idea for your hair. Shampooing your hair every day depletes it of its natural oils.

While you may believe that not washing your hair causes it to become greasier, the opposite is true: the more you dry it out with overwashing, the more oil it produces, making it greasier faster.

However, an excellent dry shampoo can help your hair adjust to the process. A dry shampoo, whether spray-on, powdered or otherwise, will keep your grease at bay on wash-free days while also leaving your hair looking and smelling great. Nobody will know you didn’t wash your hair before leaving the house!

Dry Shampoo Original (P750) from Batiste


Don’t you have time to wash your hair? Batiste Dry Shampoos provide lifeless or second-day hair an instant makeover without water by adding body and helping to reduce greasy roots. A fast spray refreshes your style and revitalizes your hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean and drama-free.


Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo (P299) from Dove


Overwashing your hair can cause it to look limp and lifeless, especially if you have thinner tresses. Dove’s dry shampoo absorbs excess oil while increasing volume for a more polished look. Spray a small amount on and gently massage it through your hair to add extra bounce and texture. Did we mention it smells fantastic?


Dry Shampoo (P225) from Beach Born

Beach Born’s cult-favorite Sea Salt Spray may also like its dry shampoo, which promises to add volume and texture while removing excess grease from your hair. What’s more, the formula is completely natural and cruelty-free! Spray it on, wait a few seconds, and then brush your fingers through your hair for a carefree look.


No Drought Dry Shampoo (P995) from Lush


Despite its powder formula, Lush’s dry shampoo contains grapefruit oil and lime oil, which not only cleanse but also help balance your scalp’s moisture levels. In addition, it gives your hair a healthy, matte finish and a light fruity scent.

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