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Everything We Know About Stranger Things 4

We might think that it’s been a long time since the initial release of the third season of the Netflix sci-fi series, Stranger Things. Yes, I’ll admit that I love the show so much. We can’t resist that the show is good and, of course, mind-blowing due to its tragic turn of events and the mysteries that surrounds the story of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the four kids of Indiana who fought monsters from the upside-down and many more. 

Back in season 1, the story began from the disappearance of Will Byers, where they find him upside down and the nerds of Indiana meet Eleven. Who helped them fight Demogorgon and as they fought monsters and unravel the mystery of the science lab inside their small town. 


In season 2 of the show, a new girl arrives at their town, a cool and super chill girl named Max, and his brother Billy. After they meet Max, they become friends, and after that, they again unravel a mystery that’s been haunting them from the upside-down. And as we know, season two of ST is all about Will Byers being haunted by a tentacled monster from upside down. 


In season 3 of the show, Billy has been possessed by the Mind Flayer, who used Billy’s body to kidnap and make an army to fight the kids and all the people in Hawkins. And as we know, the ending of season 3 is sad because of what happened to Billy and how we saw his past, and how hurt he is. 


Now, it’s been a long time since we waited for the release of season 4 of our favorite kids in Hawkins, Indiana. As we’ve seen lately from the official trailer, eleven and will are living at the same house in California, and in the trailer, we saw that they’re going back to Hawkins. But before the official trailer was released, there’s another clip that we saw before that gave us a hint about hopper being alive, and yes, he’s in Russia.

So what more can we expect right? Another battle for these kids, as they faced another challenge, and sadly, this will be the Stranger Things season finale, so get ready and let’s unravel the mystery one last time in 2022. 



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