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Fake Food Orders Are Not a Prank and Should Not Be Joked About

A fake food order book is not a new thing in the Philippines, which is sad. 


In seeing post after post of netizens about fake orders, it’s hard to think who and why people would do this. Today where going out is limited, and many people rely on ordering food because it is easier and more convenient, more “pranksters” are also doing schemes like this. Some of them do not just prank one, but they do this to 10 delivery riders, and in the news, last 2020, 16 drivers were “pranked” into delivering in a fake address.

The “pranksters” will make a booking with a fake address, and then the driver will go to the restaurant and pays for it with their own money. Drivers are losing their own money that’s supposed to be for their families. This can affect consumers as well; with the rising number of these cases, many companies may take Cash on Delivery to prevent cases like this.


In these cases, some netizens took matters into their own hand and created groups on social media sites that drivers can post the food they are tricked into buying. This is a good solution, but it’s sad to think that these things happen again and again. Luckily companies like Grab and Food Panda are improving their policies for their drivers. 

Delivery companies should prioritize making a solution to this problem. A way to where in our delivery drivers will not be the one suffering from the fake orders. ICYDK, for COD (cash on delivery) orders, the driver is the one shouldering the pay until your order reaches the comfort of your home.


Pranks should be wholesome and for laughs and not harming other people and their livelihood and to all delivery drivers. THANK YOU!


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