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Fashion Icon of the Week: The Extravagant Diana Ross

Diana Ross—one of the most original Divas and the queen of glam. She is a total icon and can pull off any looks for punk to feathered diva. Minimal is nowhere found in her vocabulary as she always chooses to slay on everything she wears. 

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Below are her iconic looks that scream “Diana Ross, the Extravagant Queen”. Keep reading to see her most iconic looks.

With the supremes

Diana’s girl group is iconic, and it is even crowned as America’s most successful musical group. Their songs are not the only iconic thing; their glitz and glamour are also something else. 


Met Gala 1981

This feathered gown she is wearing just screams, “I am a diva,” In every event, Diana Ross never disappoints in wearing the most extra and extravagant outfits. 


Timeless Elegance

This outfit may be vintage but a dress like this will never go out of style. The overall vibe on her is just amazing and makes you want to get your own.


Iconic Red Jumpsuit

This red is just bold and on point! The “I’m a boss ass bitch” vibe of this outfit with Diana’s aura and those sunglasses are just the cherry on top. You know she meant business wearing this outfit.


Red Glitter Gown

Now, this is just jaw-dropping. This makes you want to question if she even ages, and if she did, she ages like a fine wine. How this gown hugs her and how it shines, how her eyes are talking to you, and how effortless yet elegant she looks. This is what makes her an icon

Outfit after outfit, Diana Ross gives extravagance. The way she carries herself and every outfit she puts on is something to admire, which makes her more iconic than ever.

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