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Fashion Icon of the Week: The Influential and Timeless Cher

No one can deny the fact Cher started and created fashion styles that trends back in the days and still an inspiration by vey sartorial person until now. Even today, the singer’s styles and outfits are so influential and often referenced in shows even in the most competitive reality show, Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Cher is a fashion icon. Famous for her sequins, headpieces, and sexy cut-outs. Below are just some of our favorite outfits from Cher. 

Boho Sheek Look

Cher is definitely showing her inner flower child from this look, and it’s really a blast from the past. 

Cutouts for the gods

Cher definitely rocked the entertainment scene on how much skin you can really show, which is extremely daring at that time. This look is just cut out in the right places and still looks elegant, and pieces like this 

are totally famous in today’s time.

Leather jacket look


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 This look definitely rocks from the big iconic hair and that rocker leather jacket. It’s totally a fit. Her posing with Naomi Campbell with also a big hairdo is totally iconic.

Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design Exhibition

 Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design Exhibition is the theme for this met gala, and Cher is wearing this beautiful gown with sparse crystalline beading. White feathers are one of the most iconic met gala looks. This gown is even called a “naked dress,” and her looks inspire many peoples. Met Gala looks like Kim Kardashian.


Cher inspired looks

Kim is wearing a gown inspired by the Iconic met gala look of Cher.

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a headpiece inspired by Cher’s album cover

Cher is a fashion icon that influenced and is still influencing fashion today. Her looks even inspire other personalities. 

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