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FashionisTIBAK’s Who Brought the Runway to the Streets of Mendiola

Humid atmosphere, noisy surroundings due to the united voices of the people involved, and colorful placards and effigies. These elements make up the mobilizations we witness on televisions and beside the roads. Usually done on the streets of Mendiola and along University Avenue, these rallies are not only well known for their history-changing effect (e.g., EDSA People Power) but they are also known for spotting the best fashionistas among the line of progressive groups.

Tibak‘ is the shortened term for ‘activists,’ a Filipino gender-neutral pronoun for people who participate in social movements. With this, STAIL.PH presents some fashionista-activists who carry their fashion statements with their advocacy.


Eve, Anakbayan National University

Known for her cute, casual outfits inspired by retro trends, Eve brings her fashionista-self even to the streets. Her tops are definitely to die for, but her skirts emphasize her tall, slim built.

Aside from her garments, Eve’s hair dye changes are also worth mentioning. She tops it off with a pair of sunglasses. Some additional accessories are also present and finished off with a pair of rubber shoes. With her look, she brings the confidence needed to continue to fight for the farmers’ rights amidst the worsening red-tagging.


Mark, Alay Sining – Fine Arts

20-year old Mark Tisado believes that art is indeed a medium of expressing one’s stand on social issues, and with that, he showcases his artistic side even through the clothes he wears in mobs. Usually seen in above-the-knee shorts, this look makes it easier for him to move freely.

His bottom garment is paired with long-sleeved tops, a sweater, or a long-sleeved polo topped with a corset and a tactical chest bag. Depending on the events, the color theme of his outfit varies, but for occasional mobs, black-and-white clothes are his go-to.


Lai Almo, STAND UP Eduk

Future educator Lai is a university-wide organization, STAND UP, and an active participant in mobs. Her style is definitely a go-to for many student activists, for you can be cozy and stylish at the same time. Dresses made of cotton fabric can be an option if you’re going for the more stylish side.

For a casual look, a pair of jeans and a comfortable blouse would be enough. Match it with your favorite cap and sneakers, and you’re good to go!


Micah, Save Our School Network

Micah is a volunteer teacher for several Lumad schools since 2017. These schools aim to help our native Filipino children learn from the formal education they were not fortunate enough to have. She is also an activist who dedicates her fight for the rights of our Lumad brothers and their rights for their ancestral lands.

Her go-to outfit usually involves a black shirt, a pair of jeans, and a bandana wrapped around her head. Her most iconic pieces are her accessories made by the Lumad people themselves, and it definitely brings a cultural accent to her modern look.

The reason they dress up gracefully during mobs will surely have varied answers, but one common ground stands: these pictures may be included in history books someday. Who would want to look bad on reference materials, right? Kidding aside, we wish for every activists’ safety as they continue to fight for our rights.

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