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Filipino Fashion Designers That Are Reinventing the Fashion World

The fashion industry is continually growing globally. With new designers and new styles, it can be hard to get your name started. With their talents these arising Filipino designers deserved to be known; many great local fashion designers deserve worldwide recognition, and here are some of them.

AJ Javier

ย AJ is a designer that strives for maximalism. His design is fashion-forward and according to his website, they have Avant-grande undertones. His designs are so popular that celebrities have worn them for magazine covers and events. His designs are also worn in some of the covers of

Carl Jan Cruz


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His style is redesigning basics and making repurposed clothes. He puts emotion in every piece he creates. He wants his pieces to feel the nostalgia that every piece has a connection from the past.ย 


Andrea Tetangco


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Andrea Tetangco is a feminist designer in which she wants to empower women with every piece she makes. She is famous for her bridal gowns, but her other bold and sophisticated gowns for special events are also popular and worn by celebrities like Heart Evangelista.


Cara Sumabat-Limjap


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Cara is known for her brand halo-halo which focuses on reinventing banig. Banig is a staple material in making many things in an old Filipino household, but it is slowly being forgotten. Reinventing them makes it easier for a traditional material to thrive in modern times.ย 


Kermit Tesoro


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Kermit Tesoro is known for avant-grande designs. His shoes are fashion-forward and a form of art. His shoes are even featured in a lot of magazines local and global. His shoes are also displayed in museums like the Museum of Bad Arts in the Netherlands.

Local talent is everywhere, and it’s getting more substantial and more known every day. Supporting local artists is essential, and it’s something that we all should do as Filipinos.

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