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G-Dragon is the Kpop Fashion King and Here’s Why

G-Dragon never disappoints every time he performs on stage. Just like his diss raps, his outfits are also on fire. That’s why he is crowned as the King of Kpop or the Kpop fashion king, not by just the VIPs but also by everyone who knows him internationally.

G-dragon, or Kwon Ji Yong, is known as the kpop king and kpop fashion king. He is the leader of the popular group BigBang. He greatly influences the kpop industry and its fashion, and he even has his own brand.

Getty Images

He is an ambassador of Chanel, and after his military service, he is quickly seen in the parish fashion week wearing a full Chanel outfit. 

The famous Chanel tweed jacket is partnered with corduroy pants and a patterned shirt, this outfit may look busy, but Gdragon carries it so well that it looks such high fashion.


The various outfit in his Dazed Korea cover is proof of why he is the fashion king.

This red jacket and jeans combo may look simple, but the different textures and layers make it look so good. He is also featuring his sneakers which is his collab with Nike. 


His influence in the kpop and fashion industry is not just in Korea but globally, and collaborations with different brands like Nike, being ambassadors, or brands like Chanel are just proof of that.

Vogue Korea

His vogue cover magazine is also the number 1 best-selling Vogue Korea magazine, talk about popularity. 


He also has his own fashion line that screams G-Dragon. His personality can be seen and every piece. 

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