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Get Your Aroma Fix With Some Scented Candles From These Online Stores

That feeling when you’ve decluttered and organized your space, now you just lay in bed feeling like you are in a hotel or something, or maybe you just moved in and looking for something to elevate your living space. Two words: Scented candles. Channel your inner tita because we round up local brands where you can get scented candles.


Check out these Instagram shops for aesthetic scented candles!

Aglow Candle Studio

If you’re looking for a beautiful minimalist scented candle, it’s time for you to check out this shop.


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Not only are they pretty, but they are also eco-friendly by using reusable bags and craft paper as their packaging. Currently, they have six scents available. I personally like the Hanami, which is a light sakura essence.



Now, who wouldn’t want to have these? This shop specializes in decorative scented candles.


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From statement candles and rose-designed candles, you’ll get the aesthetic you’re looking for! I love these scented candles because they are very creative without compromising the actual scent of the candle. A must-have for your aesthetic room!


Somewhere Candle Co.

Feeling nostalgic? Somewhere Candle Co is the answer. This shop will literally take you back to your last summer destination.

These scented candles are inspired by different beautiful places you’ve been or never been to. Imagine the blissful feeling of a carefree romantic stroll along the streets of Paris- The City of Love. I have the scent “Paris” as it has a floral scent that I love.


Tranquil Co. PH

Want to feel cozy with aroma fragrance in your room? Tranquil Co. PH has a linen and room spray that stays!


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These sprays come in various scents to fit your mood. I am obsessed with the scent “Home.” Not to mention that their candle is using an aromatherapy play dough. They are made from natural ingredients and non-toxic, perfect for relieving anxiety and stress.


The Wicked White

If you’re looking for something to cuddle up in your cold evenings, get this scented candle ASAP. The aroma of this candle feels like a dream.

The Wicked White is another eco-friendly aromatic candle shop. The first one to use a holographic jar, you will surely want to reuse their candle jars. I also love that they have a plain black and white jar paired with a simple wooden lid. Perfect for a minimalist!


Súlú Intention Candles

Looking for something different? Check out Súlú Intention Candles. This scented candle makes you want to reorganize your desk and have it displayed.


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The scented candles come with herbs and crystals. Infused with essential oils, you will want to have one and get comfy! Get your favorite book now and list down your today’s affirmation with this candle!

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