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Have A Blast With These Amazing Debut Themes

Planning a birthday party is not as easy as you thought it could be. You don’t just decide on what will be on the menu or who to invite. You also have to decide and think thoroughly about the location, decorations, and of course, the theme.

Birthday parties, especially when you reach 18, where you get to debut, are special. It’s the celebration of your entrance and introduction to society. So, it has to be planned accordingly.  Aside from the basics of inviting people to your debut, deciding what your theme will be should be the first on the list.  So, here are some themes that you could consider in celebrating your debut!



Who wouldn’t want a starry ambiance? Sparkling decors, moon, stars, and the color of blue and white. This them is perfect for you if you’re an astrophile or a person who loves stars. It could be done indoors (anytime) where you can hang all your decorations to the walls and ceiling, or you could also be adventurous by doing it outdoors(night time) where you get to see stars and moon, making the sky your roof. However, before taking it outside, make sure to have a rain check because we wouldn’t want to ruin your special day. If you’re going to do it outside, prepare a tarp or anything that will cover the event when it rains.



Now this one could be any place you want it to be. It could be any country,  where you could dress fancy and fashionable depending on the culture and style of the country. Just make sure to do some research about it to avoid confusion and, of course, to let all your visitors and you feel the right ambiance.



Doing a birthday party at a beach is something that you might want if you don’t want to wear a fancy gown and decide on many decorations. At the beach coast, you could just set up a place to put some lights and tables for the food. This is fun since you can swim anytime you want and have a campfire while jamming and delivering your party’s program.



If you can’t decide on what to do, think of your favorite colors or any colors that will blend nicely with each other. This could be the theme for your party where all the decorations are color-coded, and of course, the gown, the visitors’ outfits will be one color. But, it’s better if the debutant’s gown color is different from the visitors.


Yes, unexpected moments are better than planned ones, but in this case, planning is what you should do.

Decide a theme and have a blast! 

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