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Have Stunning Fashion Moments by Watching These Fashion Vloggers

The most prevalent word that comes to mind when someone mentions “fashion” is “model.” However, you don’t have to be a model, designer, or fashion expert in today’s generation to talk about fashion. We now have ‘fashion vloggers’ that give us reviews about a particular clothing piece or brand and suggest ways to style them.

To get to know a few of them, here are some of the most viewed women fashion vloggers locally and abroad that will help you have those fashion moments you desire.



Are you looking for an affordable yet quality clothing pieces from online shops and local stores? If yes, then watch her now! When it comes to persuading people/viewers into buying stuff, Rei is on the list. Her confidence is somehow contagious, that when you start to watch her, you’ll notice yourself wearing clothes that you don’t wear before. Aside from offering clothing hauls, you could also rely on Rei regarding lifestyle and career tips.


Sarah Perez is one of the most viewed fashion vloggers for clothing hauls from different online shops and local brands. Her way of styling the clothing pieces she has seems to be a hit for the youth because it’s trendy and stylish.


Outfit ideas for different seasons, occasions, and places? Ashley, aka ‘best-dressed,’ is the best to watch. She makes videos about how to style your clothes, whether it’s basic or statement pieces, DIYs, lookbooks, and other fashion-related videos.


Another fashion vlogger you can rely on when it comes to styling your clothes in a trendy and unique way, is Lindsiann. Her way of styling clothing pieces will make you want to buy them to recreate what she did; it’s chic and snazzy.


Hauls hauls, hauls, and more clothing hauls! Her contents are more on trying on and reviewing clothing pieces that she receives and buys. You’ll be shocked when you see her videos that contain all her clothes. The brands that she shows are too many to mention. As others say, “Sana all.”


Finding ways on how to style your clothes and exploring various fashion styles? Watch them now!
Play dress-up all you want, there’s no age limit for it.

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