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Here Are the Things to Expect When FINALLY Dating a Matured Guy

We’ve all had our fair share of bad relationships. Sometimes you will start to notice that you have this pattern of dating emotionally unhealthy men, players, sadbois, and it just makes you feel like giving up on the idea of dating…

Until you met this guy.


1. You will get used to a healthy conversation.

There’s no room here for the silent treatment. Mature guys talk and not just small talk. Their hobby is communicating. They like to share and listen to things that bother you and actually work on them.


2. You won’t always have the space you want.

Remember when you said you wanted a guy who checks on you from time to time? Well, let me tell you why this could be frustrating. Sometimes, mature guys can be a little bit controlling and interfering.

They would want to know what you are doing and who you with. He could become overprotective. And if you are a girl who likes her “me time”, this might overwhelm you.


3. You will feel safe.

When they said that the word “safe” is a person, not a place, they’re not lying. Being in someone’s life when you feel guarded and protected would be the most comforting feeling. Knowing that this person would never want to hurt you or your feelings.


4. They have history.

Remember that this person had a life before you. Yes, they might have dated girls before, made wrong choices in life and you have no choice but to accept each other’s past. However, you don’t have to deal with it on your own. You can ask questions that concern you or even things that bother you if you’d like.


5. He has made things exclusive.

They are certain and are unafraid to love. They don’t like wasting their time and because they have their life figured out, they know exactly how to accomplish them. Besides, they are intelligent enough to know what they want in a relationship. Guessing games and weekend flings are now a memory.


Now, Let’s all manifest to finally date a mature guy.

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