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How to Be Romantic With Your SO in the Comfort of Your Home

With the lockdown continuing and staying at home feel sluggish. Whether you are locked in with your boo or apart and can’t see each other spending time with them can make your day a little better. 

Don’t stress out too much and get worried about being productive, here are some ideas to breathe and just vibe with your special someone.



1. Have a movie night

Let’s start with the basic a good chill day with some food and a good movie with your partner is a great day. Why not be childish and make a blanket fort, throw some blankets, add fairy lights, and just chill.


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Far away from each other? Movie nights can be achievable too. The solution? Screen Sharing from messenger to discord even google meeting you can stream and watch movies together no matter how far away you are from one another.


2. Truth or Dare

Now, this might be a little silly, but playing truth or dare can be fun even if it’s just the two of you. Aside from funny questions, you can also ask deep ones. Play some juicy games like would you rather get to know your partner.


3. Vibe to music together

If you are busy with work or school work just having each other’s presence can be a breather. So why not just chill together and vibe with music. If you are far away from each other and want to achieve this, Spotify and discord are the answer for you.

Spotify has a feature called to listen together. You can also use Discord to use the listen-together feature of Spotify. Don’t have Spotify? There are bots in discord that will allow you to listen together and it’s easy as 1 google search.


4. At-home karaoke

What a better way to de-stress than singing your lungs out, just grab that mic and sing, For those who are far away a lot of platforms have karaoke now, even youtube will do just stream and sing that stress away.


5. Play games

Play whatever games you like, explore and you may find what fits the both of you. From old school games like Uno (and Uno online) to newer games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and even mobile games like Call of duty and Mobile legends. 

Extra activities for LDRs: A fun activity is treating your video calls as Vlogs just for laughs. Tour the house, haul your recent online buys, and treat your makeup session as a tutorial

Being inside for long is hard and for those who can’t see each other it’s harder, you’re itching to see that someone but of course safety is always first. Being stuck can be fun, you just need to get creative!



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