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This Liquid Eyeliner Stays 2 Days Straight And It Never Moved

Ever guilty of not washing off your makeup right after a wild night out? Been there, done worse.

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There was this time when I wasn’t allowed to wipe or wash my eyes. Unfortunately, my eye makeup stayed for two days. The makeup was messy and patchy. But I noticed something interesting.

My eyeliner did not even smudge or move. It wasn’t the first time I wore this eyeliner, but I would take my makeup off after a solid 3-5 hours. This eyeliner is the Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black Liner.


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Honestly, I am not a fan of waterproof or smudge-proof eyeliner because I find it hard to remove with a makeup wipe. The reason why I bought this eyeliner is that I like super black eyeliner. It’s not matte, but it claims to have an intense blackness shade. What I also do like about this eyeliner is the precision because of the ultra-sharp tip.

After two days of that horrible situation of my eye makeup, a girl finally did her research. This eyeliner claims to be a long-wearing formula that delivers 24-hour color that won’t smudge or budge. So it surprised me that it stayed mine for two days, knowing I have oily eyelids. And it’s so easy to use. This is the only eyeliner I ever used to create a winged liner without too much error. Sometimes I do it on just the first try.

There you go, girls! This eyeliner for only 349 pesos at Maybelline Stores or Watsons. 

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