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Interesting Journal and Short Story Ideas You Can Write About

Keep reading if you’re the type of person who likes to scribble random things in their journals or has a passion for writing fictional stories but can’t think of what to write about next.

There’s a lot to discuss. You are free to write about anything that comes to mind. However, when we write about it, we want something that makes a connection with us. Sometimes, there also appears to be no perfect topic for us to write about.

However, if you’re looking for inspiration or an idea, here are a few interesting journal topics and plots you can use to create a fictional story.



1. Greatest Lesson you’ve ever learned
2. Best day of your week/month/year.
3. Your dream house
4. Greatest mistake you’ve ever made
5. How old were you when you first knew what you wanted to do with your life? How did that feeling evolve?
6. Your greatest fear
7. Your celebrity or first crush
8. Most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
9. Recent travel experience
10. Hardest truth you’ve ever learned
11. A stranger/non-family member who made a significant impact in your life
12. Political matters that interest you
13. First “things” (e.g., first dance, first kiss, fits love, etc.)
14. Messages you keep repeating to yourself.
15. Accomplishments



1. Time travel exists but can only be used once. Write from the point of view of someone who decides to travel back in time although they will never be able to return. What did they do, and why did they do it? (SCI-FI)


2. A woman from another country moved to a very unfamiliar place. She has no money and is only paid for a very minimum wage from her current work. She’s looking for a room to rent and found this very cheap apartment. Little did she know, there’s something about that apartment that makes it very cheap. (THRILLER AND MYSTERY)



3. After a long time, two people ran into each other. One had amnesia, while the other remembered everything. The person who remembers tries to approach the person who has amnesia but cannot do so because they have forgotten who they are. Because they have been hiding their feelings from the other, the person who can remember has tried everything to bring back the memories they had. The person who can remember died in an accident after a long time trying, and the person who had amnesia only remembered everything after it was too late. (TRAGEDY, ROMANCE)


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