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Bianca Umali: She Who Is One with the Sea

Bianca finds beauty in the water.

Countless tiny drops of water hang suspended from the roof. Waiting for the impact of a single raindrop to send them cascading downwards, STAIL.PH cover girl Bianca Umali cheers as the rain gets stronger. “Sana umulan ng malakas!”she exclaims. Amidst the major downpour, she finds comfort in the storm.

We are on the ninth floor of Herald Suites along Chino Roces Avenue, and the rain crashes on the roof of the hotel like sharp pellets. As the rest of the team worries about the aftermath of the storm, our STAIL Icon for the month of June rejoices.

Bianca finds tranquility in the water. 

At first sight, you’ll immediately notice how Bianca Umali radiates like the sun, her crowning glory highlighting her well-angled face. Ah, the face of youth! The STAIL team welcomes her as she enters the room.

She takes a seat to be prepped for her hair and makeup. At this moment, Bianca Umali meets another Bianca Umali. Yes, you’ve read that right. Our makeup artist is also named Bianca Umali. As intrigued as the rest of you are, I decided to play matchmaker for the two Biancas to meet in person.

“Beauty means being happy. It means accepting yourself for who you are and not changing anything just because of what other people think and see. When you love yourself, others will
love you more.” 

Bianca, who grew up in front of the camera, is a natural stunner. A commercial model since she was 2, she was 9 when she appeared in her first TV show, the children’s program Tropang Potchi, then starred in a number of shows, including Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit and Darna.  Just last March, she took on her biggest assignment yet: as the lead character in the GMA TV drama Sahaya, Bianca plays a disgraced Badjao’s daughter who develops an affinity with the water, and is forced to choose between her childhood friend and a gentleman from Manila. 

I can’t help but compliment the actress’ thick, luscious hair. “You have such nice hair!” I tell her.

“My hair  wasn’t this nice before. It started growing well when I started doing Sayaha and when I started spending time free diving sa dagat,” she says. 

Our STAIL tip courtesy of Bianca: Make the sea your friend. Why buy sea salt spray when you can go the natural way? Once in a while, visit the beach and go for a swim!

Like Sahaya, Bianca has a connection with the sea. Spending time in sea water somehow gave her hair more volume and texture. “I love being in the sun also. I love looking golden red,” says the actress who goes to the beach for work and pleasure. 

In an industry full of tisay and chinita (fair-skinned) actresses, Bianca certainly stands out. The 19-year-old star is among the GMA talents who stick to their natural roots. When she’s not in front of the camera, she’s fulfilling her mermaid dreams at the beach.

“Being morena for me is what makes me different from the others.” 

Though the teen star likes leaving home without a single drop of makeup on her face, she also swears by MAC Cosmetics and loves their lipsticks. “My favorites are Faux and Teddy,” she says. Both are a muted, natural pink, and nude; perfect for everyday wear.

When she’s at home,  Bianca is a carefree type of gal. A good lip balm is all she needs to survive Manila’s weather.

Bianca Umali is one with water, and water, whether from the rain or sea, is a powerful element. Never forget to immerse yourself in it and let yourself bloom.

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