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Learn How to Do Makeup From These Pinoy Beauty Gurus

Applying makeup and doing makeup transformations aren’t something rare anymore. You can now watch various tutorials from different people around the world. However, we can’t just watch anyone we want if we desire to learn how to do makeup; it differs when it comes to face shapes, skin tone, and style.

Countless beauty gurus are already on YouTube, offering us different ways that we tend to get confused about who to watch. So, we only narrowed down four Filipino beauty gurus that you can watch and learn from.



If you’re a morena, Michelle Dy’s makeup tutorials could be one of your inspirations. She has tutorials for beginners, tips for skincare, and affordable and local products you can use for doing your makeup.



Makeup looks from our favorite idols and artists is something that most of us want to look like. Letisha Velasco is one of the most talked-about beauty gurus in the country when it comes to creating beauty makeovers that make you seem like someone else. She gives you step-by-step instructions on how to appear like your favorite celebrity.


For creative makeup transformations, you can rely on Romsy Dineros. You can also learn different makeup looks for different occasions from her, such as dates, pageants, holidays, birthdays, etc.


Aside from doing interesting makeup tutorials and techniques, Raf Juane also offers feedback and reviews to all the products he’s using to give viewers prior insights before purchasing. He has a fun and clever way of doing his reviews and tutorials. So, aside from learning something from him, you’ll also have fun and share a laugh.

It’s not too late for you to learn how to do your makeup.

Watch tutorials now, and explore what’s best for you!

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