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Local Streetwear Brands That Is Worthy of Every Penny

We Filipinos can keep up internationally. Example of this is our local products that are all export quality. On top of this, Filipinos are very artistic. From performing to visual arts, we have many ways to express our love for arts like how our national heroes expressed and used their talent in artistry even in times of oppression.
I believe creativity is innate in us and as time goes by, we use this for talent to promote our products and conquer the international scene. Just how this local streetwear brands use their creative minds to create diverse designs.


The brand name speaks for itself. Each of the designs has its signature statement “Support Your Friends” or logo SYF. You will love their hoodies as well as their black graphic shirts.


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Short for the word “Unschooled” this brand entered the fashion scene since 2007. UNSCHLD is about breaking with society’s norm and the power of collectiveness. Their sweatshirts and hats are a must have.


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Sure you heard this once or at least saw someone wearing this brand. Their design ranges from small logos to large graphics printed at the back of the shirt. Don’t Blame The Kids promotes camaraderie and empowers the youth.


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“Bringing the people in a world where nothing is impossible, where every quest is achievable, and everyone, an immortal.” Thy Origin sets their brand apart by using Greek mythology as their inspiration for their designs. Take a look at their “Charoumena” Collection!


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This local brand goes to the comic fanatics. If you are into cartoon drawing and skateboarding then you are hitting two birds in one stone with Gnarly! They have lots of tee design that goes well with Gnarly Bucket hat and fanny pack to keep your stuff.


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