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Mobile Alarm Clock Apps to Wake up Your Sleepyhead

I admit waking up early in the morning is the hardest thing to do. It is not really for me especially if it’s Monday morning. First, I am not a morning person and second, I hate Mondays. But, if you have loads of work to do, you have no choice but to get up and face the cold breeze every morning. Props to every morning person you know yourself.

If you don’t have that dramatic alarm clock or that type of clock that is always punched and thrown on the floor see in movies, then we have collected these interactive mobile alarm clock applications for you. It is boring to just set your alarm at 5-minute intervals, so why not up to your battle with sleeping. Who knows maybe this mobile application push you to wake up early?


Here are 4 interactive alarm clocks available on the apps store. (I’ll be downloading one too.)


Alarm Clock Alarmy – Morning!

Want a good brain-twisting morning then download the app. Dubbed as the “most annoying alarm clock” so expect that the alarm won’t stop with just a swipe. You have to shake it or solve the problems first to stop the alarm. It got several missions you have to complete and ringtones for heavy sleepers.


Alarm Clock for Me- Wake Up!

It looks like a digital clock but on a mobile phone. You can choose what neon colors you want to use for your clock. It also has featured games to stop the alarm. Also, you can create your wake-up playlist.


They say don’t judge the book by its cover. The interface of the app may look cute and all but it says on the description that even your neighbors can wake up because of the ringtone. Same with other alarm clocks, you have to complete the games in order for the alarm to halt. The only difference is it’s too cute!



Say no more to late schedules because TimeMango will not just set up an alarm but will also time your daily routines. The application will tell you what to do at the set time and text you typed-in with gentle-voice guidance. It’s like you have an alarm clock and a secretary of your own.

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