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Mobile Apps You Need to Increase Productivity as a Student

Studying can be hard, and in today’s time, where there is a lot of distraction around us, sometimes the temptation is just too much to bear. Netflix, food, sleep, and games are just soooo tempting. If that’s your problem, here are some apps to help you.


Virtual Cottage

Virtual Cottage is on top of my list because, as an online student, this helps me to become productive.  It’s basically an app that can act as a background when studying. You can add a to-do list and listen to lo-fi music, and it also has a timer to help you manage your time and breaks. Its simple and relaxing background also helps to focus and keep that relaxing ambiance.


One note

This is a simpler app that everyone has, but not everyone uses. It’s a note-taking app that you can use and have separate pages and a notebook. You can also change the name and the color to make it more organized. It’s perfect for taking notes, especially today when classes are online.



Todoist is an app that is available on mobile,pc, and as a chrome extension. It’s a website that organizes your to-do and makes it easier to see. You can save websites as a to-do list or just a list to save for future references or later readings for the chrome extension version. It’s a simple yet effective app.



Forest is another app for focusing. It’s a chrome extension that will grow a forest in your background, the more task is done, the healthier the forest, and you can put apps and websites in the blocklist, and your forest will die if it’s opened. It also has a feature where you can connect it to your mobile phone to track your progress and statistics.



Polar is an app that has a variety of uses. From savings and markings readings, it can also create flashcards for studying. You can upload your material and highlight, take note and bookmark it. Flashcards are a great help in studying and memorizing terms and definitions.

These apps greatly help your productivity whatever you are studying, even if you’re not a student.

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