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Mom Jeans Trend 2020: How To Wear It Like a Pro

There are lots of jeans out there but these ones come in all colors and sizes. Yes, even wild purple jeans may appear in your favorite clothing store. But this old style of denim is creating a trend again in the 21st century. What is it? The High Waisted Mom Jeans!

It was originally fashionable to wear in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In the late 2000s, it became uncool to wear by trendy young teens because it made a notion that it is supposed to be worn by your mom.

Some even call it Boyfriend Jeans. Maybe because you can simply turn your boyfriend’s oversized pants into hippy high waisted jeans that could totally go with everything. That’s the start of denim pants loved by girls who like casual wear.


This trend for mom or boyfriend jeans somehow became famous after it was seen from famous personalities who totally rock them denims.

Kendall Jenner here wearing high-rise mom jeans with cropped brown sweater and metallic flats.

Kendall Jenner Mom Jeans | Mom Jeans Trend 2020: How To Wear It Like a ProPhoto Credits

We all know that the Hallyu or “KPOP” fashion is always a trend. Once it was seen worn and done by any Korean idol and actors, it’ll be immediately be copied by their fans. Then from their fans, it’s going to be passed to those who like to wear what’s in.

Here’s Jennie Kim internet photo looking so casual with her mom jeans with little daisies embroidered on it.

Mom Jeans Jennie KimPhoto Credits Pinterest

Now Search Your Closet…

You don’t have to search the internet to have one (well that’s the last thing you should do). There may be a pair of denim hidden at the bottom of your mom cabinet. In this case, the pants are really sentimental since it was made before you were born. It also withstands everything that it can still be used for another decade.

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