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Online Edition: Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

Quarantine is such a bummer for students and young professionals who are missing the thrill of unboxing a new book. No NBS nor Booksales, even the free books online, are usually in e-book forms. Sadly, nothing beats the smell and texture of physical books and pages.

However, STAIL.PH got you! Here are our picks for the best online bookshops in the Philippines and how to reach them:

A. Preloved Books Philippines

Preloved Books Philippines is an actual 2nd hand book shop located in Quezon City. However, due to the pandemic, their online sales became a hit. Among their bestsellers are the paperback novels, which were all available for a reasonable price.

You may check their Shopee page at tindapinas, and you may also visit their official Facebook page here.

B. UP Press

One challenge archaeology faces in the Philippines is underrepresentation and misconceptions in academic and social…

Posted by University of the Philippines Press on Thursday, March 25, 2021

If you’re looking for references and academic books, UP Press is the perfect shop for you. Since it is a direct order (publisher – customer), its product is way cheaper than most of the commercial book stores out there. It also promotes works not only of its alumni but also of the underrated and notable Filipino writers.

However, due to the current condition, it is temporarily closed from April 22 to May 5. You may still visit their Facebook page for more information, or you could check out their Shopee page here.

C. PAPEL Publishing


Posted by PAPEL Publishing on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

If you are a fan of Philippine literature on its different faces (aesthetic and social art), then this shop is the one you’re looking for. Promote and Publish Excellent Literature (PAPEL) is a group of independent writing collective headed by Inay Marcela. It has published several works of independent writers as well as hosted slam poetry events. Among its known affiliations are Ignore Rants and Sobrang Short Stories.

You may visit their official Facebook page for additional information, just like the links for their online shops.

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