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Online Local Shops Where You Can Buy Crochet Tops

There’s no denying that right now, our new best friends in terms of fashion pieces are most comfy clothes or loungewear. In fact, for the past few months, we have loved to wear loungewear most of the time while we’re at home, either lounging or even working from home. These clothes will surely be comfortable and, of course, perfect on any occasion.

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While loungewear takes over and steers its wheels into the fashion scene due to the pandemic, we now shop mostly on pieces that will bring us comfort while staying indoors. Now, if you’re getting tired of wearing a sweatshirt and a sweatpants combo for your pambahay outfit, and thinking of what would be the perfect match of the top for your sweatpants, look no further; because we found a piece that you would love to try! 


Ilyang Ilyang

Ilyang Ilyang offers cute crochet cropped tops, vests, and even bucket hats. If you’re looking for different pieces just like that, make sure to add Ilyang Ilyang to your list. 


Reclamare PH

Are you looking for colorful and cute patterns of crochet tops? Reclamare PH has your back with its variety of cute crochet tops.


Skein Studios

Step up your loungewear with these cute corset tops, and if you’re looking for puffed-sleeve crochet tops, Skein Studio is the perfect place to shop!


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O-Ren Crochet

Love Neutrals? O-Ren Crochet offers a set of neutral-colored tops that will surely be perfect for your pambahay ‘fit or even your OOTD. 


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Looped In Manila

If you’re looking for cardigans, Looped in manila got your back! They offer a variety of patterned cardigans and also sweatshirts. 


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Crochet Corner

If you’re looking for accessories and different crochet tops, Crochet Corner is one to opt for. 


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